Drs. Pancras van den Bos

Pancras van den Bos
Pancras van den Bos works as a clinical psychologist / psychotherapist and supervisor, learning therapist and trainer of cognitive behavioral therapy and schema therapy in independent practice Cerno in Nijmegen. He also works as an interim clinical psychologist at various places in mental health care. He works with schema therapy for adults with cluster B and C personality issues as an individual and group therapist. He is a supervisor of the Dutch Association of Schema Therapy (VSt) and the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST). He is also a supervisor / self help therapist for cognitive behavioral therapy (VGCt). Pancras used to be a teacher in psychodiagnostics and in cognitive behavioral therapy. From 2019 he teaches schema therapy. He was trained in schema therapy by, among others, M. Nadort, H. van Genderen and R. van der Wijngaart. Pancras has been active in the VSt since 2017; first as a member of the Registration Committee, then and until now as a board member with the Education & Registration portfolio.

Remco van der Wijngaart