Drs. Marian Blokland

Marian Blokland
Marian Blokland works as a mental health psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor/trainer in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Schema Therapy. From 2007 to 2017 she worked at the Riagg (mental health services) in Maastricht and since 2017 has worked at Lucertis Maastricht, in the Child and Young Adult department. In early 2009 she started offering Schema Therapy, first in groups and later also individual therapy and with parents. She has attended various training sessions with Farrell and Shaw and contributed to studies relating Group Schema Therapy with adolescents. In this regard she is currently partly responsible for setting up and conducting Group Schema Therapy for adolescents and young adults within Lucertis.
Since 2018 she has also been working in an independent practice: Praktijk voor Directieve Psychotherapie in Meerssen.
Since 2015 she has been a trainer in individual and group Schema Therapy with adolescents and adults.

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