Schema therapy and working with Couples

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Healing Relationships: Including the partner into Schema Therapy and working with Couples

The schema therapy model describes how unmet core needs lead to maladaptive schemas and coping behavior. Unfortunately schema chemistry plays an important role when we choose our partners. So we find ourselves in the same complementary roles that we got used to in childhood and fight the former significant others in our partners by mutually “pushing our buttons” in escalating mode cycles.

Unlike most of the other approaches working with couple schema therapy is not working solely with the couple but includes single sessions in an individual treatment plan. Even more: We can start working with one partner and include the other partner later to a smaller or greater extend. Many of our patients in individual therapy are in a relationship. Including the partner starts with thinking about him in therapy. Schema therapy is very flexible at that point. But balancing these relationships is a challenging issue. The workshop addresses both: Starting with one partner and including the other or starting with the couple from the start.

The workshop gives a theoretical framework and describes with slides and a video case how mode cycles work and how they can be changed by realizing the frustrated core needs, emotional reconnection through imagery and connection talk between the Healthy Adult modes. The diagnosis of mode cycles, interrupting dysfunctional and creating functional communication will be trained in role plays.




  • €540 for 2 days

  • The workshop counts as the basic module of the ISST certified Couples-ST Curriculum.


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