Imagery Rescripting 20 hrs online training program


Imagery rescripting is generally regarded as one of the most effective techniques within schema therapy. However, it is often difficult to apply this technique. For instance, therapists are regularly faced with challenging situations in which, for example, the client says ‘I have no memories of my childhood’ or ‘I don’t want to dredge up those old memories, what would be the point of that?’. Furthermore, patients have often been so damaged by their childhoods that childhood memories are very emotionally charged. As a result, therapists are inhibited from using imagery to bring back images from that charged past for fear of decompensation. 

This 2-days workshop aims to make therapists more proficient in applying imagery rescripting. Existing skills will be refined and challenging situations discussed and practised. During the workshop, use will be made of recently developed teaching materials specifically focused on imagery exercises and based on the most recent insights and experiences of this method. Specialist fields of application will also be discussed, such as imagery rescripting in flash-forwards and nightmares. 

The workshop is aimed at therapists who are already working with Imagery with Rescripting and who wish to increase their skills and the effectiveness of this intervention.!

The objective is that this day should be an enjoyable, educational experience involving a lot of practice within a secure atmosphere, in order to enable the therapists to apply imagination rescripting more often and more effectively.


The present course aims to familiarize participants with Imagery Rescripting. A basic knowledge of this technique is advised but not mandatory. This training is eligible for schema therapist, CBT therapists or other therapists who want to become proficient in this effective emotion-focused technique.

This training will be presented online, using Zoom as an interactive platform that allows for practical demonstrations, exercises in breakout rooms and sharing clips and videos displaying some of the core elements of schema therapy. At the end of 12 hrs, the participants will be able to apply this technique in the therapy of patients suffering from anxiety- and depressive disorders as well as personality disorders.

To achieve this, use is made of a diverse and vibrant curriculum in which short introductions to topics are interspersed with demonstrations (role playing or audio-visual clips) after which the students practice the skills demonstrated by themselves and then discuss these experiences in the group.  Great importance is attached to a safe and pleasant learning environment in which students learn the basics of Imagery Rescripting.


  • Mr. Remco van der Wijngaart, psychotherapist
  • Trainer & Supervisor Schema Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 
  • Director of the Dutch Institute for Schema Therapy 
  • Owner/director Van Genderen Opleidingen BV
  • Vice President of the International Society of Schema Therapy, ISST 2016-2018

Remco van der Wijngaart works as a psychotherapist in a private practice in Maastricht, the Netherlands.  Initially trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, he was trained and supervised in Schema Therapy personally by Dr Jeffrey Young from 1996 till 2000. Remco specializes in borderline patients, patients with cluster C personality disorders as well as Anxiety and depressive disorders.

As a director of the Dutch Institute for Schema Therapy (in the Netherlands known as Van Genderen Opleidingen), he organizes training courses and workshops in the field of schema therapy. More than 7000 therapists have participated in one or more of these training courses. He produced and directed several audio-visual productions, e.g. “Schema therapy, step by step” and “Fine Tuning Chairwork”. Remco is the author of ‘Imagery Rescripting, theory and practice’ (2021), ‘Chairwork, theory and practice’ (2023), co-author of the ‘Cambridge Guide to Schema Therapy’ (2023) and Schema therapy for the dependent-, avoidant- and obsessive-compulsive patients’ (2024, in press).


  • Introduction on imagery and imagery rescripting
  • Diagnostic Imagery
  • Imagery rescripting, therapist rescripts
  • Challenging situations in Imagery rescripting
  • Imagery rescripting, client rescripts
  • Future oriented imagery


Tuesdays         12.00-2.00pm CET      10×2 hrs          (20 hrs face to face)

Due the daylight savings the time may change for some parts of the world on Sunday October, 31st!

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Introduction and Diagnostic Imagery

September 24, 2024


Imagery rescripting start phase: therapist rescripts

October 8, 2024


Imagery rescripting start phase: What if…no images?

October 22, 2024


Imagery rescripting start phase: What if the antagonist is very strong

October 29, 2024


Imagery rescripting start phase: What if…loyalty and guilt?

November 5, 2024


Imagery Rescripting middle phase: client rescripts childhood experiences

November 12, 2024


Imagery Rescripting middle phase: client rescripts childhood experiences

November 19, 2024


Imagery Rescripting as a stand-alone treatment: PTSD

November 26, 2024


Imagery Rescripting as a stand-alone treatment: Depression

December 3, 2024


Imagery rescripting for future trigger situations

December 10, 2024



  • Van der Wijngaart, R. (2021) Imagery Rescripting rescripting, theory and practice. Pavilion Publishing Company

Audiovisual production, available at

  • Fine Tuning Imagery Rescripting – audiovisual production – Remco van der Wijngaart & Chris Hayes (2016)


Participation to this training will costs €500

This subscription fee does not include the mandatory reading nor the audiovisual production.

The training sessions will be recorded and participants will have access to these recordings till 2 months after the end of the training.


You can register here.

Remco van der Wijngaart