Guilt and Shame

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Almost everyone knows what it feels like to feel guilty. Maybe you have said something to a loved one which he/she didn’t seem to like and looking back at the situation, thoughts pop up such as ‘I shouldn’t have said this. Now he/she feels bad and that is my fault…’. Feeling guilty therefore, seems to be a normal phenomenon. Our clients however, seem to be bothered much more by these guilt beliefs and feelings of guilt making them avoid expressing their feelings and needs, even if that would be the good thing to do.

Feelings of guilt can also have a negative effect on the therapy process; the client doesn’t want to discuss the role of his parents in the development of his problems, or during an imagery exercise, they don’t want the therapist to step in and confront the parents. Similarly, the therapist might be hindered by feelings of guilt because it causes the therapist not confront the patient out of fear of making the suffering of the client even worse.

In this workshop, the topics of guilt and shame will be explored, what it is and how it can be conceptualized in terms of needs, schemas and modes. Next, hands-on methods and techniques will be demonstrated and practiced that will help the participants to deal more effectively with clients who struggle with guilt.

At the end of the workshop the participant 

  • will have a better understanding of the different forms of guilt
    • will have learned how to conceptualize guilt beliefs and feelings of guilt in terms of needs, schemas and modes.
    • will have a better understanding which methods and techniques might be applied to manage the guilt feelings
    • will have practiced with some of these techniques
    • will have had enjoyed a pleasurable day full of learning


This workshop is aiming at schema therapists who want to improve their understanding and competencies in dealing with clients with guilt issues.


To be able to participate in this workshop, a minimum of a certified Basic training course of 25 hrs is required, or a 40 hrs ISST certified training in schema therapy.


  • Mw. B. Basile (Barbara). Barbara Basile is a cognitive behavioral therapist ans psychotherapist, trainer/supervisor in schema therapy, director of the Italian Academy for Schema Therapy (IAST) and professor at the schools for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (SPC) in Italy.  Apart from her clinical and training activities, Barbara is the author of many scientific publications on schema therapy, imagery rescripting, emotions such as guilt and shame, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, depression, eating disorders and neuroscience.
  • Dhr. R. van der Wijngaart (Remco)


  • This workshop cost €275 which includes the syllabus, materials used in the workshop which will be made available on the website and a lunch on site. Books and audiovisual means are not included in this price. You will receive an invoice around 2 months before the actual start of the workshop.
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