Workshop ‘Schema Therapy for parents’

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Working with the child within the parent
Schema Therapy for children and adolescents is still fully under development. During the therapy of children and adolescents we are more frequently confronted with the schemas and modes of the parent. Parents often seem to know what ‘should’ be done when raising a child but putting that into practice in daily life is a different matter. A certain behaviour or mode of the child may evoke personal schemas or modes within the parent so that they are no longer able to remain in the Healthy Adult mode. At such moments parents are less able to react sensitively to the needs of the child and this results in clashes or collusions between the modes of the adult and child.
Parent Schema Therapy aims to support parents in reacting to the modes of the child, using their healthy adult mode as much as possible. The mode interaction cycle gives insight into how the modes of the child and the parent can trigger each other. Attention is focused on the needs of the adults themselves, which may not have been and often still aren’t fully met. The course also examines how parents can deal with the modes and needs of the child.


This two-day, 12 hour workshop includes the following elements:

  • Mode interaction cycles: how the modes and schemas of the parent and child can trigger each other.
  • Interventions regarding the personal schemas and modes of the parent.
  • Intervention by the parents to the schemas and modes of the child to fulfil the needs which haven’t been met.
  • The therapeutic relationship in parent Schema Therapy.

The emphasis is on the acquisition of experiential schema therapeutic skills aimed at helping to deal with the above points as well as personal schemas.

Remco van der Wijngaart