Summer school 19-23 August 2024, Utrecht, the Netherlands

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After 2 online editions, the Dutch Institute for Schema Therapy, known in. the Netherlands as Van Genderen Opleidingen, organizes an in-person Summer School from 19-23 August 2024 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. You’re invited to join us in a week full of interesting topics in schema therapy. During 5 days, you will be emersed in various aspects of schema therapy. We want to make sure this week provides you a safe environment in which you can feel connected and validated in the process of both learning and enjoying an playful and pleasurable time in the group.

The week starts with providing you an update of the latest developments in schema therapy, e.g. the use of new core emotional needs and new schemas. Already existing skills in forming a case conceptualization will be refreshed and fine-tuned during practical demonstrations and exercises in diagnostic imagery exercises and diagnostic chairwork.

During the rest of the week, each day will focus on working with a different mode. The aim is to provide a more in depth understanding of the methods and techniques that are central to schema therapy and to offer inspiration in how to manage challenging situations in clinical practice. Therefore, short introductions will be followed by live demonstrations focusing on specific challenges, e.g. chairwork with strong coping modes, imagery rescripting with strong coping modes, working with guilt & loyalty, how to create corrective emotional experiences, strengthening healthy modes and more. 


Besides Remco van der Wijngaart, there will be guest speakers with specific scientific or clinical knowledge. We’re proud that at this stage we are certain the following speakers will present during the during the summer school.

Dr. Julie Krans, assistant professor in clinical psychology and associate director of the Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University; senior researcher at Pro Persona Overwaal centre for anxiety, OCD and PTSD; guest professor in clinical psychology at the KU Leuven; trained CBT therapist (VVGT); co-founder of the International consortium on Imagery rescripting and senior author of a review study on the effectiveness of Schema Therapy in treating anxiety disorders, OCD and PTSD

Elsa van den Broek, schema therapist and drama therapist. Known as ’Lucy’ from the production ‘Schema therapy, working with modes’, Elsa is an expert in bringing emotion and felt experiences into the therapy room. 

There will be a social program open for those who like to enjoy the beautiful city of Utrecht with each other. Extra (reasonable!) costs will be charged for participation in this social program. Although this program is yet not definitive, there definitely will be an opening and closing dinner.


This is a preliminary program, definitive program will be presented in January 2024

Day 1: Monday, August 19: 11am-4.30pm CET
Theoretical and scientific update
Case Conceptualization
Diagnostic Imagery and Chairwork

Day 2: Tuesday, August 20: 10am-4pm CET
Coping Modes
Fine tuning chair work with coping modes
Imagery rescripting with strong coping modes
Creating Corrective Emotional Experiences

Day 3: Wednesday, August 21: 10am-4pm CET
Inner Critics
Addressing different inner critics using imagery rescripting and chairwork
Dealing with guilt & loyalty

Day 4: Thursday, August 22: 10am-4pm CET
Child modes
Validating needs of the Vulnerable Child mode
Pushing for spontaneity and play
Working with anger and our own inner child

Day 5: Friday, August 23: 10am-3pm CET
Healthy Adult
Historical role play
Strengthening the Healthy Adult; chairwork


  • Monday welcome dinner
  • Friday fare well dinner
  • Definitive social program will be presented in January 2024
  • Additional costs will be charged to participate in the social program. These costs will remain reasonable. Prices will be available in January 2024.


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Van der Wijngaart, R. (2021) Imagery Rescripting rescripting, theory and practice. Pavilion Publishing Company

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  • €995 fot 5 days
  • Friday: fare well dinner
  • Lunch, coffee and tea included
  • Overnight stay not included


You can subscribe for this summer school through in our agenda. You will receive an invoice once the final program is available (expected in January 2024).

Remco van der Wijngaart