Follow-up course “Group Schema Therapy for Adolescents and Adults”

See agenda for the course dates, locations and the registration form.

Many participants in the group schematherapy courses (adolescents and adults) have indicated that they need a workshop to discuss difficult situations in group schema therapy and to discover new ways to deal with these problems.
Group schematherapy can be very complex and more experienced schematherapists sometimes struggle with very challenging and difficult clients and group situations. Complex situations can also arise due to the interaction between the two co-therapists.

Examples of bottlenecks are:
– Dealing with aggression in the group
– Group members refuse to participate in exercises for the happy child because they think it is “childish”
– Group members who have such a strong protector that they hardly participate
– Therapists disagree about the approach

That is why Marian Blokland and Coen Horstman start this year with a group therapy workshop for advanced students, in which cases of adolescents and adult clients can be discussed.

Working forms

Discussion about bottlenecks that the participants experience in their own groups, demonstrations by the teachers and practice of group situations through role play, feedback and coaching by the teachers and fellow group members.

Previous education

The prerequisite for participation is that at least an accredited group Schematherapy course of 25 hours has been successfully completed. Participant should preferably be engaged in group schematherapy.


Accreditation has been requested from:
– VGCt: as further training
– FGzPt: re-registration KP
– Register of Occupational Therapeutic Professions
Application for NVvP accreditation on request


Marian Blokland en Coen Horstman

Remco van der Wijngaart