Schema Therapy advanced level (25 hours)

See agenda for the course dates, locations and the registration form.

This is an Advanced Level training programme. Participants must already have completed the Schema Therapy standard level and have had some experience with Schema Therapy.
Schema Therapy is a rapidly developing field and working with patients with a personality disorder constantly raises new questions. One of these new developments is that mode models have been developed for all personality disorders. Moreover, a model has been developed that links schemas, coping strategies and modes in an insightful manner. There are also new applications of Schema Therapy in various settings (groups and couples) and in different areas (adolescents, addicts and the forensic sector). Furthermore, Schema Therapy is being implemented in various ways in the outpatient and clinical care sector. This course focuses on individual treatments.
Specific courses have been developed for group treatment, and specific methods for cluster B and C patients, as well as for adolescents (see the website).
This course offers an in-depth exploration of the application of cognitive, experiential, behavioural, and interpersonal techniques with all personality disorders.
Use will be made of case studies brought in by the participants themselves.


  • Case conceptualisation with complex disorders: challenges and solutions.
  • Mode models for all personality disorders.
  • Recognising modes at an early stage.
  • Maintaining a secure therapeutic relationship if extreme modes occur.
  • Cognitive and interpersonal techniques with patients with difficult coping strategies.
  • Application of experiential techniques in cases where this almost seems impossible.
  • Using too much or too little anger (and its relation to modes).

Remco van der Wijngaart