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This 1-hour webinar is specifically developed for Schema therapists who want learn or to refine their skills in the use of Chair work online. This webinar offers short introductions followed by 3 role play demonstrations showing 3 different variations how to do chairwork online.

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The present course aims to familiarize participants with the core elements of schema therapy and the main methods and techniques in the treatment of personality disorders or chronic syndrome disorders. This training will be presented online, using Zoom as an interactive platform that allows for practical demonstrations, exercises in breakout rooms and sharing clips and videos displaying some of the core elements of schema therapy. At the end of 40 hrs, the students will be able to detect schemas and schema modes and make a case conceptualisation of the patient in terms of basic needs, schemas, coping styles and modes. Students are also able to use the therapeutic relationship of Limited reparenting as the main tool in the re-working schemas and schema modes. Ultimately, students will be able to use the foremost methods and techniques, such as cognitive techniques and experiential techniques as guided imagery rescripting, chair work and historical role playing. To achieve this, use is made of a diverse and vibrant curriculum in which short introductions to topics are interspersed with demonstrations (role playing or audio-visual clips) after which the students practice the skills demonstrated bythemselves and then discuss these experiences in the group. Great importance is attached to a safe and pleasant learning environment in which students learn the basics of schema therapy. At the end of the course participants will be able to, supported by peer review and supervision, perform schema therapeutic treatments.

Hannie van Genderen